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Dues and Dinner Payments

NEW - you can now pay your dues with Paypal!


Please click:  www.PayPal.Me/eugeneroundtable


Paypal does charge fees, so when you pay, please either (1) add 3% to your payment to cover processing fees, or (2) send the money from a US bank account (not a credit card) and be sure to select “Send money to friends/family” so that there is no fee charged.

Annual dues for the Round Table are currently $285 for active members (which includes the cost of dinners) and $15 for life members (who pay $40 per dinner).


Dues may be paid via Paypal at the link above, in person at a meeting, or by mailing a check to: 


Round Table Club of Eugene

PO Box 1424

Eugene OR 97440

The Executive Committee sets the dues for each Club year. Dues are intended to cover the Club's expenses (primarily the dinners) and to create a small reserve to handle contingencies.

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