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Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing Round Table funds in accord with standard business practices.

The Treasurer will develop an annual budget by consulting with the dinner provider selected by the Executive Committee and by estimating the cost of maintaining the photographic roster, nametags, and the duplication of the minutes, the annual best paper, postage, and other items necessary for the operation of the Club. The Treasurer will present the annual budget to the Executive Committee and recommend the annual membership fee and other fee amounts prior to the October meeting.

The Treasurer will accept payments to the Club and inform delinquent members of their status. Serious cases of delinquency shall be reported to the President.

The Treasurer is responsible for giving the dinner provider the monthly estimate of attendance. To aid in this estimate the Treasurer should have roster sheets on each table each meeting and set up a system of accepting information about attendance at future meetings and payment for guests. From the roster sheet the Treasurer will compile meeting attendance data.

As part of the business meeting, the Treasurer shall give a financial status report.

The Treasurer will serve on the Executive Committee and as an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee; the following year the Treasurer will be a regular member of the Membership Committee.

After the May meeting the Treasurer will put the Club books in good order including a draft budget for the next year, and transfer them to the new Treasurer. The President should be informed of this transfer and any financial problems that may exist.

The new Treasurer will provide the bank with the new Treasurer's address, a copy of the minutes recording the names of newly elected officers, and arrange for updated authorized check signatories from the President, Secretary and Treasurer.