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Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for the written records of the Club, especially the minutes of the meetings. The minutes are to be taken by the Secretary or someone arranged for by the Secretary and made available to the membership at or prior to the next monthly meeting. The minutes are to be approved at the business meeting.

The Secretary will maintain the membership database of the Club.

The Secretary is also responsible for the preparation and printing of other materials deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, for example, the Photographic Roster and an annual brochure or flyer giving the program for the year. The Secretary will select and work with the photographer and printer informing and obtaining approval of the President and Treasurer for financial obligations before they are made. If questions arise, they will be brought before the Executive Committee.

The Secretary will establish a system for reminding the members of meetings a few days prior to each meeting. Reminding may be done by the mailing of the minutes, e-mail, or phone message (as appropriate). Ideally, each member should be reminded in the manner preferred by the member.

The Secretary will read the nominations for new members at the request of the Chair of the Membership Committee. The Secretary will order name tags for new members and replacement tags for others, as requested.

If the membership committee terminates a member (Article III, Section 7) "the Secretary shall notify the member if his or her membership is terminated."

The President and Executive Committee are responsible for selecting the "best paper of the year;" the Secretary is responsible for having it printed and available at the May meeting and having it filed in the Special Collections section of the University of Oregon Library.

The Secretary is an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee; the following year the Secretary continues as a regular Membership Committee member.

After the May meeting the Secretary will put the Round Table papers in good order and transfer them to the new Secretary.