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Duties of the President

The President is responsible for presiding at the meetings, arranging for or giving an invocation, and confirming arrangements with the speaker (the speaker will arrange an introducer.)

At the business meeting after the talk and discussion the President will have the minutes of the previous meeting approved and call for the Treasurer's report.

Prior to the organizational meeting of the Executive committee in September, the President will make committee appointments. They are: a) two members of the Executive Committee, b) three members of the nominating committee, and c) four (or more, see Article V, Section 3) members of the Membership Committee. The President designates the Chair of the Membership Committee. No appointed member of the Membership Committee can be an appointee from the previous year.

The President will also appoint an Archivist who may or may not be a member of the Executive Committee, depending on the choice of the President. The duties of the Archivist are listed under separate cover, "Guidelines for the Archivist of the Round Table Club of Eugene."

The President may call additional meetings of the Executive Committee, as necessary.

When presiding over a meeting the President will arrange for guests to be introduced before the dinner and for guests to be excused before balloting or other sensitive business meeting actions.

After balloting, the President shall inform candidates of their election (or rejection) and specify what actions are needed to become an active member.

Not later than the April meeting the President ascertains who the surviving spouses of
deceased members may be and arranges for them to be guests at the May meeting.

The President chairs the Executive Committee and is an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee. The President directs the executive Committee in selecting "the best paper of the year." The Secretary will have it printed for the May meeting; the President will announce the recipient.

The President holds the archives of the Club, giving them to the new President after the May meeting. As Past-President, the President continues as a regular member of the Membership Committee.