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Duties of the Membership Chair

The Membership Committee Chair, appointed from the Membership Committee by the President, is responsible for conducting the membership matters of the Club in accord with the Constitution and Bylaws. The Chair and President will work together to be sure that the Committee is constituted in accordance with Article V, Section 3).

The Chair is responsible that the Committee acts in accord with the procedures as set forth in Article V, Section 4. The Chair will encourage members to nominate persons who will benefit from, and contribute to, the Round Table intellectual and social traditions.

The Chair will distribute nomination forms widely and instruct members on how to prepare them correctly. For example, an adequate amount of personal data (such as a CV) must be presented with the nomination form.

The Chair instructs the Secretary concerning the "reading" of the nominations at the appropriate meeting.

The Chair conducts the balloting in accord with Article V, Section 4 (secret ballot, no figures given). The President announces results and notifies the nominees of acceptance or rejection.

The Chair maintains a file of nominees. The Chair monitors the membership list regarding the provisions of Article III, Membership, to be sure that people are in the correct categories, e.g.. a Life Member if over 65 years old. The Chair of the Membership Committee shall keep the records in good order and transfer them to the new Chair after the May meeting.