The Round Table has four officers—a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary (click for a list of duties). Officers are elected at the April meeting and hold office for one year, beginning at the close of the May meeting. The President selects the Club's Archivist and the Membership Chair.

Officers for 2017-18:

Scott ClarkePresident
Mary Leighton, Vice President
Louise Bishop, Secretary
Susan Kauble, Treasurer
Wayne Parker, Membership
David Meredith, Archivist
Esther Hagenlocher, Member at Large
Bob Keefer, Member at Large
Jim Walker, Member at Large
Shad Stafford, Webmaster  (

Officers since 1912:  
1912 James B. Taylor Alpheus M. Spangler Edmund S. Conklin
1913 James B. Taylor Alpheus M. Spangler Edmund S. Conklin
1914 Alpheus M. Spangler Clayton I. Collins Colin W. Dyment
1915 Eric W. Allen Albert R. Sweetser Madison C. Harris
1916 Albert R. Sweetser Ralph C. Hamilton M. Hale Douglass
1917 Seward D. Allen Fredric S. Dunn Earl O. Immel
1918 Frederic S. Dunn Earl O. Immel Edgar E. DeCou
1919 Frederic S. Dunn Edgar E. DeCou J. Milton Miller
1920 John M. Williams William E. Milne Clayton I. Collins
1921 John F. Bovard Claude E. Rorer Dean H. Walker
1922 Grant S. Beardsley Colin v. Dyment William P. Boynton
1923 Robert C. Clark Frank Jenkins Warren D. Smith
1924 Frank Jenkins James H. Gilbert Ralph W. Martin
1925 James H. Gilbert Edwin O. Potter George C. Trunbull
1926 Edwin O. Potter Orin F. Stafford Carl A. McClain
1927 Orin F. Stafford Arthur A. Rogers Edwin T. Hodge
1928 Arthur A. Rogers Edwin T. Hodge Mentor M. Boney
1929 Warren D. Smith Nelson. F. Macduff Fred L. Stetson
1930 Ralph W. Martin Edwin T. Hodge Madison C. Harris
1931 Edwin T. Hodge Omar R. Gullion John H. Mueller
1932 Omar R. Gullion Edgar E. DeCou Wayne L. Morse
1933 Edgar E. DeCou Joe W. McArthur Clay E. Palmer
1934 Joe W. McArthur Harvey G. Townsend Orlando J. Hollis
1935 Harvey G. Townsend Madison C. Harris Marion F. McClain
1936 Madison C. Harris Ralph R. Heustis Howard G. Goold
1937 Ralph R. Heustis George I. Hurley Samuel H. Jameson
1938 George I. Hurley Fred L. Stetson John W. Anderson
1939 Fred L. Stetson Norman K. Tully Harry B. Yocum
1940 Norman K. Tully Wayne L. Morse John F. Cramer
1941 Wayne L. Morse Algernon C. Dixon Howard R. Taylor
1942 Algernon C. Dixon George S. Turnbull Harry B. Johnson
1943 George S. Turnbull Arthur S. Norton Adolf H. Kunz
1944 Marion McClain Howard R. Taylor Elmo B. Chase
1945 Howard R. Taylor William. M. Tugman Rokin M. Overstreet
1946 William. M. Tugman Adolf H. Kunz Quirinus Breen
1947 Adolf H. Kunz Elmo B. Chase Clinton V. Conley
1948 Elmo B. Chase Paul R. Washke Lester F. Beck
1949 Paul R. Washke William G. East Wesley G. Nicholson
1950 William G. East Robert M. Lyon Fred A. Cuthbert
1951 Robert M. Lyon Robin M. Overstreet Wilbur P. Riddlesbarger
1952 Robin M. Overstreet Fred A. Cuthbert Robert D. Horn Everett Harpham
1953 Orlando J. Hollis Clinton V. Conley Ivan M. Niven Edward I. Pitkin
1954 Clinton V. Conley Fred A. Cuthbert W. Michael Swangard Lloyd W. Staples
1955 Fred A. Cuthbert Wesley G. Nicholson Fred N. Miller Charles E. Sikes
1956 Wesley G. Nicholson Lloyd W. Staples Clarence C. Hines Kenneth J. O'Connell
1957 Lloyd W. Staples John R. Bruckart William C. Jones Percy W. Brown
1958 John R. Bruckart William C. Jones Marvin A. Krenk Herman Kehrli
1959 William C. Jones Robert B. Frazier Charles G. Howard Arthur J. Anderson
1960 Robert B. Frazier Ivan M. Niven Paul L. Lansdowne Quirinus Breen
1961 Ivan M. Niven Charles E. Sikes Ralph F. Cobb Ralph F. Cobb
1962 Charles E. Sikes Quirinus Breen Robert H. Lemon Fred N. Miller
1963 Quirinus Breen Ralph F. Cobb Robert D. Clark Albert W. Herman
1964 Ralph F. Cobb Robert D. Horn George Hull Edmund Cykler
1965 Robert D. Horn Roland K. Rodman John L. Hulteng John E. Tysell
1966 Roland K. Rodman John L. Hulteng John E. Balint Robert R. Campbell
1967 John L. Hulteng John E. Tysell John E. Stafford J. Orville Lindstrom
1968 John E. Tysell D. Glenn Starlin Ralph P. Christenson Jack E. Danby
1969 D. Glenn Starlin Robert H. Lemon Charles T. Duncan Raymond C. Hendrickson
1970 Robert H. Lemon Carlisle Moore Douglas W. Orme Raymond N. Lowe
1971 Edmund Cykler John E. Stafford Robert Campbell Pierre Van Rysselberghe
1972 Marvin A. Kreuk Carlisle Moore John E. Jaqua John R. Shepherd
1973 Carlisle Moore John E. Stafford E. G. Ebbighausen William W. Wilson
1974 John E. Stafford John R. Shepherd John Alltucker Clyde P. Patton
1975 John R. Shepherd Raymond Hendrickson Donald E. Rhoades Harry R. Jacobs, Jr.
1976 Raymond Hendrickson Robert Campbell Robert E. Sogge Vernon Dorjahn
1977 Robert Campbell Jack Danby N. Ray Hawk James W. Kays
1978 Jack Danby N. Ray Hawk Ehrman V. Giustina Stoddard Malarkey
1979 N. Ray Hawk William W. Wilson Roland Bartel William Holcomb
1980 William Wilson Stoddard Malarkey Don Robinson R. Surles
1981 Stoddard Malarkey Keith McGillivary Richard Brown Bob Sogge
1982 Keith McGillivary Robert Gilberts James Reinmuth James Kays
1983 Robert Gilberts James Kays Royce Saltzman P. VanRysselberghe
1984 James Kays Richard Brown James Hershner Carl Schminke
1985 Orlando Hollis John Jaqua Fred Andrews Wade Bell
1986 John Jaqua Fred Andrews John MacKinnon Clancy Thurber
1987 Fred Andrews William McHolick Keith Richard Richard Keller
1988 William McHolick Richard Brown Larry Gruman Dennis Solin
1989 Jim Reinmuth Dennis Solin Larry Smith Wade Bell
1990 Bob Sogge Larry  Smith Bill Neel Arnold Ismach
1991 Chapin Clark Bill Neel Jonathan Stafford Dennis Gory
1992 Larry Gruman Bob Bennett Arnold Ismach Roscoe Divine
1993 Bob Bennett Ken Ramsing Bill Lemmon John Gregor
1994 Bill Neel Arnold Ismach Maury Holland John Gregor
1995 Arnold Ismach Jonathan Stafford Lorn Dreitzler Jack Boettcher
1996 Jonathan Stafford Royce Saltzman Jon Burnham Jack Boettcher
1997 Bill Bradshaw James Hershner Jim Giustina Jon Burnham
1998 James Hershner Bill Loy Russ Carpenter John Bascom
1999 Bill Loy Jim Giustina Barbara Edwards Bob Newland
2000 Bob Newland Barbara West Doug Collins Andy Halpern
2001 Barbara West Doug Collins Rennard Strickland Roscoe Divine
2002 Chris Holzapfel Doug Collins Earl Hain Craig Renkert
2003 Craig Renkert Jon Burnham J. Dominic Monahan Jim Heiss
2004 Jon Burnham Ken Ramsing J. Dominic Monahan Jim Heiss
2005 Ken Ramsing Russ Carpenter Bridget Baker Joyce Spence
2006 Russ Carpenter Bridget Baker Don Kahle Joyce Spence
2007 Bridget Baker Don Kahle Martha Pitts Terry Carter
2008 Don Kahle Terry Carter
2009 David Meredith Melinda Grier Dave Boush Terry Carter
2010 Bill Sullivan Ann Dhu McLucas
2011 Ann Dhu McLucas Alexander Murphy Jay Johns Susan Kauble
2012 Alexander Murphy Jay Johns Jonathan Stafford Susan Kauble
2013 Jay Johns Louise Bishop Jonathan Stafford Susan Kauble
2014 Louise Bishop Maylian Pak Mary Leighton Susan Kauble
2015 Maylian Pak Wayne Parker Mary Leighton Susan Kauble
2016Wayne Parker                Scott ClarkeMary LeightonSusan Kauble
 2017 Scott ClarkeMary Leighton Louise Bishop  Susan Kauble

Based on Round Table records from the Knight Library, University of Oregon. Generated by C. Holzapfel in 2002, and updated thereafter by the Round Table Archivist.