The Club has four classes of membership—Active, Inactive, Honorary, and Life.

Active Membership

The active membership consists of not more than 70 persons, 30 of whom are from the town and thirty are from the University. The remaining ten may be either town or gown. Active members are required to have college degrees, except that a maximum of 12 active members may be chosen on the basis of distinguished citizenship or talents equivalent to those indicated by academic degrees.

If an active member resigns because he or she expects to depart from Eugene permanently, but later returns to Eugene, then he or she may be re­elected in the same manner as new members, except that there is no need to wait for a vacancy.

Any active member who has been absent for more than three meetings during a club year may be considered for termination of membership, under standards and procedures described in the Constitution.

Inactive Membership

Inactive membership may be granted to any member who is absent from Eugene during a year or whose duties or responsibilities do not permit attendance on meeting nights.

Honorary Membership

The members of the Round Table may extend honorary membership to any active member who has been a member of the Club for five or more years (or to persons of distinc­tion whose duties preclude them from active participation) upon recommendation of the membership committee. Honorary members do not pay dues, but have all the privileges of membership.

Life Membership

The members may also give life membership, upon recommendation of the Membership Committee, to any active member over the age of 65 with a long record of participation, if it is desirable that he or she take a somewhat less active part in Club. Life members may vote but have the option of paying annual dues, or paying only a $15 annual fee and $40 for meals when they are present. They may present papers and are eligible to hold office but are not obligated to do either.

Admitting New Members

The Round Table's procedures for admitting new members are partially described in the Constitution and are partially based on tradition. The following process is a composite of the two.

Generally, a current active or life member initiates the membership process on behalf of a man or woman who the member believes will benefit from, and contribute to, the Round Table's intellectual and social traditions. The initiating member locates two other members who know the candidate or who can become acquainted with the candidate. It is customary for the initiating member to bring the candidate to a meeting.

The initiating member fills out a Nomination Form (click here for a fillable form), which is signed by the other two sponsoring members. (Not more than two of the members signing the Nomination Form can be on the Membership Committee.) The form is sent to the Secretary of the Club. Among other things, the form outlines the candidate's academic degrees or distinctions and his or her accomplishments in business, professional and civic affairs. A brief resume or curriculum vitae should be attached to the nomination form.

At the next opportunity, the Secretary reads the nomination to the members present. The nomination is considered by the Nomination Committee. If any member has an objection to the nomination, he or she should let it be known, either in writing or in an oral communication to any member of the Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee places on an eligible list the names of candidates it has approved and reports to the membership at the next Club meeting. The membership votes on the names in the order they were placed on the list, as vacancies occur. Candidates are elected to membership by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a meeting. Voting is by secret ballot, on each name separately, and the results are announced without figures. Names of persons put into nomination are not included in the Club's permanent records, nor are the names included of persons who receive an unfavorable membership vote at a Club meeting.