The Round Table meets eight times a year, on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning in October and ending in May.

Currently the Club meets at the Eugene downtown Hilton at Willamette Street and 6th Avenue. There is a social hour from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, with most people arriving about 6:30pm. The formal meeting at 7:00pm includes an inspirational moment or a historical moment, the dinner, the introduction of the speaker, presentation of the evening's paper, a question-answer period, and a teaser about the next month's talk. A business meeting follows the close of the formal meeting, generally requiring only a few minutes. Guests are excused prior to the beginning of the business meeting if an election is being held. The May meeting traditionally includes spouses and significant others.

Members may bring one or more visitors as guests and pay for the cost of their dinners. Guests are frequently persons who might become candidates for membership in the Club, and in this case, with prior approval of the Executive Committee, the cost of the dinner may be waived.

Annual dues for the Round Table are currently $285 for active members (which includes the cost of dinners) and $15 for life members (who pay $40 per dinner). The Executive Committee sets the dues for each Club year. Dues are intended to cover the Club's expenses (primarily the dinners) and to create a small reserve to handle contingencies. Dues may be paid to the Treasurer in person at the October meeting, or by mailing a check to: 

Susan Kauble
Round Table Dues
3002 Ferndale Drive
Eugene, OR 97404

For questions, contact Wayne Parker at

Many thanks to the Eugene Springfield Youth Orchestra for their presence before meetings.